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Alan, Lai Chi Kong


Artist Statement  


Creator (God) made this world, used the high temperature to melt everything in the core of the Earth to mantle. Stone was created in the various form of cooling lava after the eruption of the mantle to the surface sometimes. Stone became sand and clay through the work of wind, rain, sunshine and dew in years by years. When the clay fell into the core of our Earth, the heat transformed it into…Potter works like the Creator, he fires the piece of clay into a pottery (stoneware). However, potter adds some thoughts on this piece of clay. We call the fired clay culture of human in these thousands of years. Let’s create the “culture”.




Alan Lai has had a passion for creative art. Clay is one of his favorite creative media, and he was fortunate to study with potter Chan Chung-kong for many years. His confidence with clay was boosted by his first prize on the ACTE art course, a distinction in his Higher Certificate in Studio Ceramics course at the former Hong Kong Polytechnic, and experience of the International Ceramics Workshop in Tokoname in Japan.

While studying Art and Education on a scholarship at the University of Liverpool in the U.K., where he earned a 1st class honour degree, Alan was lucky to study privately with the famous British potter, John Pollex. Lai’s ceramics works have been shown in many overseas and local exhibitions and have entered the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition a number of times.




Lai quitted the full-time Visual Arts Teacher in secondary school in 2008 and found his Arthome.hk workshop in Fotan to start his life of artist in ceramics and sculpture. The workshop is aimed at providing a home-like safe space for all visual arts lover to share their experiences in creative art.

He has been a part-time tutor on the Higher Certificate in Studio Ceramics course at the former Hong Kong Polytechnic for five years and teaching in degree courses at the School of Continuing Education of Hong Kong Baptist University more than ten years.



Adminstration experience   Other than his 35 years of teaching duty in School, Lai showed his abilites in different adminstration post: Dean of School Affair, Dean of IT Education, Dean of School Development, member of School Financiall Team, and Visual Arts subject panel head. Alan was keen on incharge the promotion and publishing task in school for tens of years.  

Alan was active in art adminstration in the college age. He organized the first large scale Art Camp for 200 public paricaptant in Hong Kong 1987. It is subsdized by the former Leisure and Cultural Services Department while Alan was the vice chairman of the Hong Kong Colleges Art Association.

As an art teacher in secondary, he organized Art Exhibition to show every students work in School every school year to promote Art Education. Moreover, a United Art Show from 10 Caritas Schools students was promoted and organized to run for many years by Alan while he was the chairman of Caritas schools Art subject commiittee chairman since 1991.

Alan is an active commitee member in the Fotian Open Studios program 2009/2010/2011. Although the Fotanian Co. Ltd is closed in 2016,.Alan also join the organization team in Fotan Open Studios Program from 2007-2020 to push the program keep on running in this year.

Training in Pottery  

Mr. Chan Chun Kwong, private Pottery class 1980-82

Mr. Chan ping Tim, pottery, Gramham coolege of Education 1984-85

Studio Ceramics higher Certificate, Hong Kong Polytechnic 1985-87

International Workshop of Ceramics Art Tokoname, Japan 1990

Mr. John Pollex, private pottery student, 1991

Mr. Masakazu Kusakabe, smokeless wood kiln building, Taiwan, 2019

Experience related Pottery      
EXHIBITIONS pottery    
  • Graduation Exhibition, Grantham College of Education (1985)
  • Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibitions, Hong Kong Museum of Art (1985 & 1987)
  • Contemporary Hong Kong Art Exhibition, Tsuen Wan City Hall, Regional Council (1986)
  • Tea Wares by Hong Kong Potters, Hong Kong museum of Art, Urban Council (1987 & 1989)
  • Clay Craze, Hong Kong Art Center (1987)
  • Ceramics Festival Exhibition, Tokoname, Japan. (1990)
  • Graduation Show, Chester College, Chester, England. (1991)
  • Clay Grown, Hong Kong Art Center (1992)
  • Out of the Fire, Hong Kong Art Center (1994)
  • Out of the Fire II, Hong Kong Art Center (1996)
  • Out of the Fire III, Hong Kong Art Center (1998)
  • Clay, Content, Shape Hong Kong Institute of Education (1/2000) Hong Kong Visual Art Center (2/2000)
  • Grantham college of Education - Golden Jubilee Art Exhibition Hong Kong City Hall (12/2001)
  • Contemporary Ceramics Association Ten years Show Hong Kong Central Library. Exhibition hall (2002)
  • Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme III show Hong Kong Central Library (2005)
  • Contemporary Ceramics Association China Show Shanghai, China (2005)
  • Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme III: Hong Kong City Hall (2007),
    Living with the Local Hong Kong City Hall (2007),
    Tsuen Wan town Hall (2007)
    Tsuen Wan Plaza (2007)
  • Fotanian Open Studio 2009 arthome.hk (2009)
  • 香港藝術界慶祝國慶六十周年國慶大匯展 香港中央圖書館
  • The Legend of Hong Kong Ceramics Tsuen Wan town Hall (2009)
  • The Legend of Hong Kong Ceramics: Dining Rhapsody Tsuen Wan Plaza (2010)
  • Fotanian Open Studio 2010 arthome.hk (2010)
  • Out of the Fire – Mini Exhibition Hong Kong Central Library. Art resource (2010)
  • Fotanian Open Studio 2011 arthome.hk (2011)
  • Hong Kong Ceramics Society Group Exhibition Red Elation Gallery (2011)
  • Art Exhibition 2011 Grantham College of Education Hong Kong Central Library. Art resource (2011)
  • Sky of Fotan arthome.hk (2011)
  • Fotanian Open Studio 2012 arthome.hk (2012)
  • 陶藝珍餚展 中港城 (2012)
  • Sky of Fotan II Artland Gallery (2012)
  • Fotanian Open Studio 2013 arthome.hk (2013)
  • Contemporary Ceramics Association Twenty years Show JCCAC (2013)
  • Fotanian Open Studio 2014 arthome.hk (2014)
  • Fotanian Open Studio 2015 arthome.hk (2015)
  • Fotanian Open Studio 2016 arthome.hk (2016)
  • Ceramics International show Foshan , China (2016)
  • Fotan Open Studios 2017 arthome.hk (2017)
  • Contemporary Ceramics Association Live Show Stage Hotel, Lobby (2017)
  • Asia Contemporary Art Show, FEATURED ARTIST Conrad Hotel, 2017
  • Centemporary International show Foshan , China (2017)
  • Fotan Open studios arthome.hk 2018
  • 添多一點師生展 JCCAC 2018
  • Fotan Night Master Show Artists Co-op 2018
  • Fotan Open Studios arthome.hk 2019
  • Fotan Sky 3 Artland Gallery, 2019
  • 書畫影塑展 中央圖書館.2019
  • Big C Project , arthome.hk 2020